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Used to relieve the symptoms of tooth allergy caused by dentin exposure, quickly relieve tooth sensitivity and restore tooth enamel

The product adhered on the surface of teeth,Calcium ions and phosphate ions are released after contact with saliva,then hydroxyapatite is formed to re-mineralize teeth. Hydroxyapatite stably fills and adheres to the area of tooth irritation to seal the dentin tubules,and eliminate allergy symptoms.

Function and Purpose

Natural mineral and plant extract. It can alleviate the allergy caused by the cold, hot, sour and sweet of teeth, enhance the anti allergy ability of teeth, strengthen the anti-bacterial ability of teeth, and remove the peculiar smell of mouth.

It can alleviate the allergy caused by the and sweet of teeth.enhance the anti allergy ability of teeth.strengthen the anti-bac-terial ability of teeth,and removethe peculiar smell of mouth.

Usage and Dosage

Brush your teeth with cream 1.5cm each time, 3-4 times a day, stay in the mouth for 3-5min, brush your teeth with warm water, rinse your mouth better.

Main ingredients

Silicon dioxide, strontium chloride, natural mineral and plant extract.


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Q:Period of validity?
A:Two years.

Q:What is the intended purposes of the products?
A:Tooth desensitization.

Q:How to use the product?
A:1) Clean oral cavity (brush teeth).
2) This gel can be smeared on the infected part by cotton balls, and it can also be placed in toothbrush, brush and rub the infected part in accordance with the tooth brushing method.
3) Rinse the mouth after 5~10 minutes.

A:Tightly close the cover after using this product.

Q:Storage condition?
A:Placed at the dry and ventilated area.

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