Oral Drug Feeder

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Basic Information
Item Name Oral Drug Feeder
Color Transparent
Shape/Function  Paci-style
Material Silicone
Application For oral delivery to patients
Patented design, mom’s dab hand
* PP material food grade silicone material, high temperature resistant cleaning, no BPA
* Pacifier head medicine feeder, imitation pacifier medicine feeding head, let the mother easily feed medicine, the baby is more acceptable to drink medicine
* Soft silicone feeding head, moderate hardness, safe material, no deformation, bite resistance
* The nipple hole adopts eight-character shunt, does not directly impact the baby’s throat, to avoid choking the baby
* Needle tube speed control, comfortable swallowing anti – earth medicine
* Detachable structure, each component can be separated and cleaned separately
* Dripper Feeder: avoid the concentration area of taste buds, and do not waste quantitative drip.
* Measuring cup: a small measuring cup with a scale for controlling the amount of water to be filled.

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