Star Print Face Mask

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Item Name Star Print Face Mask
Color Accept custom
Material 95% polyester +5% spandex
Packaging Individual into OPP bags,10000PCS/C
* New Christmas printing, fashion and environmental protection – Christmas active printing and dyeing, only for health, farewell to the harm of ink to the body. Environment-friendly printing and dyeing, gorgeous and rich colors, a variety of styles, free to match.
* 3D cutting, wearing a small V face — completely covering the face skin to resist harmful dust and ultraviolet rays.
*Washable, reusable — Repeated washing does not deform, economic and durable, still as new after cleaning, no wrinkle, the real multiple use of environmental protection products, far better than disposable masks and pure cotton masks.
*Antibacterial material, layer upon layer protection — high filtration and low resistance, effectively block dust in the air, block droplet saliva, containing antibacterial material, layer upon layer protection, block pollution, the protection rate is more than 95%.
* Elastic and telescopic design, comfortable to wear — the upgraded version of widened and thickened design earband, strong resilience, strong stretch, do not tighten the ears, long time wear comfortable.
*With a sense of cool, good air permeability — can add a sense of cool additives to enhance the coefficient of cool, long time in summer wear will not cause hypoxia, shortness of breath or sultry feeling, good air permeability, comfortable breathing without burden.
*Shrink the lower edge of the mask, complete cover chin – to prevent air leakage, cold and warm.

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