Silicone gel scar patch

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Item Name Silicone gel scar patch
Material hydrocolloid
*Compact material, breathable and waterproof — the product surface composite PU film, waterproof and breathable, can be used in shower;
*Reusable, good self-adhesive — Medical silicone material can be used repeatedly for a long time. Under special circumstances, after being peeled off from the adhesive place for a period of time, the scar paste can still be re-used, keeping the same adhesive as the first use.
*Silicone gel has mild viscosity, which can effectively reduce the pain during peeling and avoid skin damage. It is suitable for people with multiple body hair.
*Natural comfort, low sensitization — non-toxic, non-irritating, non-invasive treatment process, allergy rate is very low.
*Silicone gel can inhibit the formation of scars and improve the properties of scars. The gel layer is closely attached to the cuticle layer of the skin, forming an airtight barrier to prevent moisture volatilization, thus generating hydration and softening scars.
*According to the specific shape and size of the scar can be cut after use.

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