Temperature Gun

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Item Name Temperature Gun
Color Black/White
Material ABS+PC
Price $2.5-$4.5
* One key temperature measurement, quick value, simple operation, easy to measure the body temperature;
* High precision infrared sensor, more accurate measurement — the use of high precision infrared sensor, automatic use of multiple groups of temperature data, automatic intelligent correction, more accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance;
* Intelligent ranging function, in place that is temperature measurement — press the switch button, intelligent ranging, probe from the forehead within 1.5-5 cm, you can display the measurement results;
* High temperature buzzing warning, abnormal body temperature is known early — when the measured target temperature is greater than 37.5°, the buzzer will issue a warning sound, abnormal body temperature is known early;
* One second temperature measurement, LED soft HD display — gently press can quickly read the measured temperature value, can continuously for many people measurement, fast and accurate, LED bright large screen, technology blue light is not dazzling, night HD visible, let you easily grasp the change of body temperature

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