Anti-droplet isolation baffle

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Item Name Anti-droplet isolation baffle
Color Transparent
Shape/Function Protective isolation
Material PET/ Acrylic /PC
Packaging PE protective film is pasted on both sides. A single set into an inner box, 5 sets of an outer box or a single set separated by a piece of paper followed by N sets of an outer box.
Application Office/hotel/store acrylic Protective isolation
* Acrylic material, high transparency and clear — transparent acrylic material, smooth surface, crystal transparent, soft light, clear vision, does not block the line of sight.
* High density skin PC material, economical, fall resistant and not easy to break.
* Fall in love with design, safe presentation — corner arc design smooth Angle, no burr, no cutting hands.
* Multi-functional protection, suitable for many places — can be used in classrooms/offices and other occasions with more personnel with the overall effect of coordination, integration and collocation effect, effective protection and isolation, reduce the chance of the spread of droplets in special period.
* No holes, movable foot — foot movable style, convenient and flexible to install wherever you go.
* Add plastic base, plug and play, affordable and durable.
* Double layer protection, internal and external PET protective film — dustproof, anti-scratch, anti-static at the same time, protect the baffle, improve light transmittance.

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