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Item Name Foaming Soap Dispenser
Color White
Material AS+ABS Analog
Packaging OPP Bag + Color Box, 30pcs/CTN (46*41* 43.5cm)
Application Hotel, Home.Hotel.Bathroom.Shower Room
*Hand out the bubble, effective bacteriostatic – infrared sensing, automatic hand out the bubble, no pressing, no contact more health, 99.9% effective bacteriostatic, safe and healthy.
*Dense and rich foam, penetrate into the pores of the deep cleansing skin — reasonable control of the bubble ratio of gas and liquid to 12:1, three-dimensional foam, strong adhesion, fine and dense foam can better cover the skin epidermis, direct to fine pores, to achieve deep cleaning.
* Reasonable amount of foam, a bottle of longer use – intelligent control of reasonable amount of foam, to ensure that there is enough ample amount of foam, to meet the needs of a thorough hand washing cleaning, foam residue, 280ml large capacity design, a bottle of longer use.
* Small body, no installation — simple design, small appearance, can easily into the bathroom, kitchen and other environments, portable light, free from installation.
*The bottle body is advanced, clear and clean — the hand sanitizer bottle body is made of high-grade abrasive material, clear and clean, and it can be checked at any time and is convenient to use.
*Energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent life — 4 AA batteries can be used more than 150,000 times continuously, continuous induction, long endurance, dry battery charging, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient and durable.
* Large capacity, more durable — 350ml large capacity design, can be used for at least 400 times, to meet the daily use needs of a family.

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